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Home phone has no signal but internet works

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Hi, my phone has no dial up tone for a couple of days and it has some sort of constant noise. Tried different phone and it's same. Unplugged the computer connection and only phone to the wall socket, still the same. Internet works but very slow. Can anyone have a look at my account please? Having got time to ring yet Smiley Sad


Hi @rasputin1999,

Welcome to TPG Community!

We have located the account using your community details and we have checked the status of your connection.

Our system has recorded multiple connection dropouts and we have also detected a line fault, which is possibly causing the issue.

That being said, we will have a technical specialist contact you for assistance.

Should you have a preferred contact number and time, please send it via private message. Thank you.


Hi @rasputin1999, we can see that our Technical Team has been in touch and escalated the issue to our Engineering Team.


The Team lodged the case to Telstra, who has booked a technician to check the service.


The case engineer is closely monitoring the case and will be in touch as soon as new update becomes available.


Should you need any assistance, feel free to drop us a message. Thank you.

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Hi, a guy from telstra came this afternoon and tried to fix the problem.

Now I have dial tone but with loads of cracking noise with it. The internet connection is not stable, keep dropping out every 5 minutes so it's not usable.

The guy from telstra told me that something might went wrong with the cable outside my house and the cable needed to be replaced.




Thanks for the additional details, @rasputin1999.


I will pass this on to our Engineering Team for reference and will make follow up.


At the moment fault is still under assessment by our Engineering Team. Rest assured feedback will be given where is possible.



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Hi, it seems to be fixed now.

Had a booking of telstra technician visit between 8am-12pm. Before 8am the line is still full of cracking noise and next minute it's all clear, dial tone is back to normal and no noise at all. It's 11:47am and I still haven't seen the tech guy, I think he had already finished his work at the pit and went home... wonder why the last tech guy couldn't do that.

The ADSL connection is stable as rock now without line noises. But then I still having some other problem with the sync speed. I used to get like 1000/15000 kbps all the time, but now no matter how I change the setting on the dail up modem/router and reboot the sync speed stays only 500/7500 kbps.
It's usable but much slower than before. Is it something else that I can try or it is just some different setting on TPG side? Please help.


Hi @rasputin1999, thanks for informing us.



We'll forward your message to our Engineering Team and will have the case engineer contact you to discuss how the speed can be improved.


Hi @rasputin1999, we can see that the case engineer has been in touch and discussed the concerns raised.


As advised, we'd like to make sure that the connection will remain stable and our Engineering Team is still monitoring the account.


Should there be any issues, please let us know so we can investigate further. Thank you.