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Home phone not working after TPG modem replacement

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Hi there.

I replaced my TPG Huawei HG-659 modem with a TPG TP-Link VX420-GH model yesterday and while the internet is connecting perfectly, the home phone indicator on the modem is not lit and the phone is dead. It worked fine with the old modem.

I tried replacing the phone cable to the handset as well as the incoming NBN DSL cable then rebooted the modem but still no phone connection. The phone itself will usually have a message "Check phone line" if there is a cable problem but that only shows if I deliberately unplug the cable.

When I log in to the modem itself and click the phone icon I see the message "Telephone Status: Telephone service unavailable. Please check your account settings or register a new number."

I am on a bundle plan with home phone so it should be registered already as the only change is the new modem.


Hi @topper1410,


I would recommend checking out the articles below to help with the issue: 



For further assistance, let us have the homephone number or your customer ID/username via private message in order for us to check the line status and get the issue sorted quickly.