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Home phone not working

Level 2
My home phone doesn’t work.
Whenever i try to call someone on my home phone, it dials but then goes silent same for whenever im using my mobile phone to call it.
My internet is working its just my home phone

Hi @MuberaKalic,


Welcome to the Community! 


Based on the account located using your Community details, the issue has now been escalated to our Engineering Team and is being investigated. 


I believe their team has sent you an SMS regarding your best contact time. If a modem reset has not been done, please do so as our Engineering team needs to be informed of what the outcome will be afterwards. 


Also, please ensure that the phone cable is connected to phone port 1; you may also try testing phone port 2 if it still did not work. 


Should you have further queries, please feel free to respond to the SMS sent by our Engineering Team.