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Home telephone number porting

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I moved across from Optus to TPG on 13/9/2021 for my NBN. Upon completion of installation, TPG sent me an acknowledgment email. I noticed that my home phone number has been changed.I realised my phone number was not ported across and at no point in my signing up via the telephone was I asked that question. 

Nevertheless I quickly contacted TPG over the phone early next morning and spoke to Ben (case # 6485529). I was advised that it will be done within 24 to 48 hours and I will also receive an email. I have yet to receive either.

I am following up urgently as we are worried that it might be too late if we waited too long. We need to retain our home phone number for many important contacts.

Please advise.




Hi @gckling01 


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In order to successfully port your number, the phone service or account with the previous provider requires to be active.

We'll chase this as well with our Accounts team and have someone to call you to provide updates with the request.