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How do I get TPG customer support to answer the phone, actually solve my problem and not just transfer me?

Level 2
Level 2

I am currently on hold waiting to speak to a 6th person at TPG regarding the installation of my landline following my house move and that is just today.


Person 4 told me that TPG had messed up and advised me wrongly prior to the move so my current predicament is entirely caused by TPG messing up but he could not sort my problem and had to trasnfer me to customer support.  After 20 minutes on hold I gave up.


I called back and advised person 5 (7 minutes on hold) when he said he needed to transfer me to customer support (a misnomer if ever I heard one) that, if soneone did not pick up immediately I would be contacting the ombudsman.  I've already been on old for 12 mins


Is there any way to get this company to actually do their job?  Or am i dreaming. 




We'd like to help turn your experience around.


Kindly send me a PM with your TPG account details for us to check the status of your order.