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I am trying to change my Home Phone Number

Level 2

My Home Phone Number recorded on your Data Base ends in 1299.


This number is no longer valid. It is my wife's mobile number. She is 88 years old, is confined to a Nursing Home and uses the phone ONLY to speak to family members... Please do not ring it. It will confuse her.


I was able to log into MY Account a week ago using nursing home staff to help my wife with her mobile. I changed the phone number in "My Account" and pressed the update button. The "change of detail" was NOT effected. Attempts to regain entry are still attempting to resend the "Code Number" to the 1299 number.


Attempts to ring TPG Support are not effective. I have been on "hold" for nearly two hours as I have been typing this. The same happened a few days ago.


Please help. Allow me to contact you via email and change the phone number for me.....(you might like to tell me why my attempts to update the detail has been possible?)

Level 2

How long do I have to wait before a Moderator will start to help me please?


Hey, @mikel 


Let us help update the registered mobile number on the account. Could you flick me a message with your details to better understand the situation?


How to send a PM?