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Landline, I can receive calls, but can not make calls.

Level 2

The NBN side of the internet is working fine.

My home land line is clearly connected, as people can call in.

However, when I dial any number, either a local 04xx xxx xxx number or another land line, ie 3206 3xxx, it will always give an engaged tone.


All connections have been disconnected, and reconnected, and modem has been completely down powered and reset.


Any ideas?



Hi @Brisbane1 


Welcome to the Community!


We were able to locate your account using your community details and checked the status of your phone service.

We can confirm that it is active, but it shows that there's no credit or prepaid balance for your to use the outgoing calls.


Here's an article that will guide you on how to add a prepaid balance for outgoing calls.

Let us know if you need further assistance.