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My NBN internet works but my phone cant seem to make calls!!

Level 2

I recently joined NBN100 unlimited plan. I didnt join any Optional Voice Add-ons as I see that there is pay as you go plan by default. 

I called up tech support and the guy over the phone said I can receive calls but NOT ABLE to make calls as i didnt join any Optional Voice Add-ons?!! I didnt believe what he said and would like to get a clarification here to check what is wrong with my router?


Could someone please clarify my issue with phone calls for me? Thanks in advance!

Level 15

Hi @jackwu79 . With PAYG plan, you have to make a pre-payment to cover the cost of calls. There are no included calls (000 and 1800 are free). Can be done via My Account, NBN Digital Voice Services, View NBN Digital Voice Service Account, Add Prepaid Balance.