NBN Voip Sttings

Level 2

HI, my modem was taken out by a storm including the NBN. NBN came out and changed their box no issues, however when I called TPG I was told the modem router was no longer under warranty and I would need to pay for a new one. I was told my options were pay for a replacement with TPG and wait 3-5days for delivery or if I need one right away purchase one myself. Since I work from home I opted to get my own. 

I have since set up the internet no issues, however I cannot get the Voip to initialise. The Modem is a D-Link AX1800 - are you able to assist with the correct setting please? 


Hi @Charles1 


The bundled VoIP service will not work using a third party modem/router and will only work with the TPG hardware as we uses a special firmware.


Let's check on what we can arrange for you. Please send us a private message with your account details.