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NBN home phone not working but internet working after power outage

Level 1b

I have NBN bundle ( internet and phone) The NBN home phone not working but internet working after power outage on 14/12/2018.

Any advice about this???




Level 1a

I have an ADSL home phone contract. After Friday storm, my phone does not work from this end. Any tries to ring me gets a ring single, but, dead from my end. I use the same socket for my internet which is not effected and works well.  HELP


Hi @vanducnguyen,


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and it seems you were able to contact our Tech team. The case was escalated to our Engineering team for further investigation.


They were trying to contact you earlier to discuss the resolution further.


If you have any preferred time to receive a call, please let us know. Or you may respond to the SMS that they've sent you.



Hi @oamast12,


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You were contacted by our Tech team earlier, but the call was rescheduled later on today.


Should you require further assistance, please let us know.


Kind regards,


Level 2

NBN restored my internet but the home phone is not working following a power outage two weeks ago. I have a new NBN box. TPG tech sent a new modem but that gave me no internet or phone so I replaced the original TPG modem until the tech team contact me.. Need internet with Christmas coming.


Hi @lesann


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I'm sorry to hear that there's been an issue getting your connection up and running. We'd be happy to get this followed up further to have this issue fixed.


I've managed to pull up your account using your Community details and can see that this case is being handled by our Engineering team. 


I've chased this now and has requested for a call from one of our Engineers today to discuss and provide you their next course of action to resolve this issue. 


Should you have a preferred contact time and number, please let us know via Private Message. 


For your reference, please see our article regarding How do I private message (PM) in the community



Level 2

Thank you Erika. I was contacted by tpg  to check the new modem again but she was unable to fix so will leave until after Christmas.