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NBN installed - now using second modem but still no DSL or Internet lights

Level 2

I collected my second NBN modem today, plugged it in and this one doesn’t work either.  The NBN service works on the Telstra modem I was sent (not requested by me), but still no service whatsoever on TPG.  What do I do next.  Clearly it’s not a modem issue - and the service must be connected because it works on the Telstra modem.  Last call to support on my mobile  at my expense was over an hour, plus the half day I had to take off work as a contractor.


Hi @Madcowjd91,


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Using your community details as reference, I was able to pull up your account. From what I can tell, you contacted our Helpdesk yesterday for the same concern.


Your case is now being handled by our Engineering Team. It seems like a TPG technician has been booked (which you already confirmed) to check this on site.


Updates pertaining to the outcome of the tech visit will be provided to you by a Case Engineer.




Level 2

Thanks Will - had a call from the scheduling team yesterday and have set up an appointment for an Engineer visit next Saturday.  


Thank you for the update @Madcowjd91.


Your assigned Engineer will monitor the case and provide you with the updates once available.


Should you require further assistance, please let us know.


Kind regards,