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No Dial Tone - TPG NBN Voice Service

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My home phone has not been working for several months now. This is very similiar to a problem I had when I first move to TPG some years ago that was fixed at your end.


I get no dial tone when I pickup the phone. No error messages in the admin pages for the Archer modem.


The phone had been working for a number of years and then suddenly stopped working. I escalated this to the support team who looked at it and then sent me a new modem. This worked for a short period (days only) but then it stopped working again. This time calls in were getting a 'line disconnected' message. After escalating it this changed so that anyone ringing me things the phone is ringing but I receive no call at my end. When I pickup the handset I get silence.


The support team has booked a technician to come out but I've had to cancel due to COVID in household. However, I'm mystified as to how a technician can fix this in my house as I am sure the problem is at the TPG end because:
1. Internet works fine which means all outbound connections should be fine.
2. The modem should be ok since it's recently been replaced (unless early failure). I've also reset it.
3. I've tested two different phones connected to the modem (tried both ports) to rule out any intermediate cabling issues - both have the same issue.  I know the phones/cables work as I've tested on a known good line.

I would appreciate if someone can have another look at your end. 


Hi @gmtoz


Thanks for raising this with us.


We reviewed the account and it shows that our Engineers was not able to detect any fault within the NBN network or system.


We understand that you've already performed troubleshooting and there's a possibility that it is a modem/router issue, but since it is already a replacement device, this needs to be confirmed by our TPG technicians as they need to run further testing.


Once the Covid situation on your end is cleared, then the technician visit will proceed.

Your assigned Engineer is monitoring the case and will be in touch with you next week for further discussion.