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I changed my plan from NBN50 to NBN 100 with an pay as you go phone and Internet plan as I have been with TPG since 2017. And now I can't even receive or make any calls, I just talked to a person from them and they tell me I am on a plan with no phone and she want's me to pay an extra $10.00 a month for a phone. It should be no star.
Response from the owner an hour ago
Hi Keith, we understand how you felt however when your home phone is on pay as you go this means it does not include any call inclusions, any calls made outside of your plan will be charged excess. You have the option to add a voice add-on to your monthly plan however if you don’t make a lot of phone calls we will simply charge you from your home phone prepayment. Based from your last call it seems like you are experiencing a home phone issue. We have tried calling you yesterday unfortunately we’re unable to reach you. Please call us back @ 13 14 23 or drop us a message @ We’ll be waiting for you!
And the **ing reason you can't phone me you dip** people is because I don't have a working **ing phone that you didn't conect to my plan for ** sake.
There is an option with a plan to have pay as you go with still been able to have a working phone in the bundle, I have choosen this since I have been with TPG back in 2017.

Hi @keithjones6400, we are determined to help resolve your concern and turn things around.


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