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Porting my phone number OUT of TPG to another provider but keeping internet.

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Hi all,


Can someone from TPG clarify if I can please port my phone number out of TPG to SipTalk and retain my existing internet service.


I currently have an NBN 50/20 Bundle paying separately $69.95 + $10 for the voice.


I want to port out the phone number to retain the same number given it has been in use for 20 years. I still wish to stay with TPG (for now) with internet. Can this be done.


Sub standard VOIP calls, drop outs of calls, regularly not connecting, silence on the phone after dialing a number for long periods, especially in the last few days and over the weekend. Take about 10 attempts to make a call. I am not paying $10 a month for that.


You guys seem to have great internet but your phone service not so much.


Can you please advise? Thank you.

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Hi @warkus . Did you get a reply from TPG regarding this? They seem to have skipped over it. You could try posting it again.

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Yes thanks, 


All good, I received a reply via PM.


Smiley Happy



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So were you able to port the number out?


This might be the only way to go it seems.


Tpg dont allow my number to recieve calls, only make them atm.

1 week, still waiting to Toggle DND off.

Frustrating to have to call someone else to change a setting i could do my self..


im guessin tpg tenhnicans are on strike with nbn co maybe...

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Sorry this was not a solution for this current thread..

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Hi CUZ11N,


To answer your Q, I am in the process of porting out yes. (Voice service)


Interesting that they have marked your post as the solution, trouble is resetting the modem is NOT the solution to widespread issues with voice across the TPG Group, nor whether or not I can port out which was the threads original post. 


I was told via PM that they need to check, but, that the phone and voice are bundled so cancelling or porting one will cancel the other. It should be noted however that I am charged separately and receive separate invoices for both services every month, so much for bundling but meh.. I'm not going to argue...


I have requested with my new voice provider to port out, this takes apparently 5-8 days. If TPG cancel my internet as well, so be it. Superloop is $10 a month cheaper for the same plan anyway, so I'm not fussed really.


I am happy to stay with TPG for internet, I've had no issues with that at all, just the voice that is sub standard but I guess that's going to be up to them not me if I stay or not. It should also be noted that its everyone's right to port their phone number to whichever carrier they choose assuming they are not under contract - WITHOUT conditions or restrictions, as Telstra recently found out the hard way. One would think that TPG should make that process easy and not overcomplicate things by cancelling unrelated services as well!!!


Im currently using a new number with my new voice provider and a separate ATA, I can honestly say its like chalk and cheese, there is NO comparison, its like I have my old PSTN line back. You honestly don't realise how bad things have gotten until you experience what else is available first hand, especially in respect to configuring the voice service up yourself, to the way you want it without having to wait for them to do it, something TPG have always restricted.


Anyway, I'm glad your DND issue is sorted...

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@Shane @Riezl @mods Not sure why my post is marked as a solution... can an mod unmark it as not a solution, doesnt have anything to do with the thread.... ill be editing it blank


@warkus  sorry didnt mean to hijack your thread..


I believe for account bundles, the separate billing is for unlimited call privileges (Voice Add-on)?


I can't find a naked nbn plan that tpg offer.


Could they port the number away and give u a new number and just disable the voice addons?


Seems messy....