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Queries regarding new ADSL connection setup

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Hi Team


I have just registered on the TPG community for some help related to the initial setup of my ADSL modem with Internet and phone.


I have been informed that the connection has been set up and activated for TPG phone and internet bundle using ADSL phone line. I don't know anything about how all this works. So here are my queries.


a) Please check the attachment. This is what I currently I have at my wall jack. So, I guess I need to get a splitter ( Is that what its called ) to connect from my wall socket to Model and Telephone line.


b) How do I get my new landline phone working? One I connect it to one of the port coming from the splitter, how am I going to get the phone working with respect to making calls? What is my number? Who and when will it be assigned.

c) When is my billing going to start or is it already started once the connection is activated.

If someone has a document to go step by step, please share. 






Hi @zakispectra,


Welcome to TPG Community!

The attached picture shows that you have an old type telephone socket with a 610 adapter. You will need to get an ADSL splitter in order to connect the modem and the telephone handset.

You will need to directly connect the telephone handset to the voice/phone port of the ADSL splitter. There is normally a label for you to identify if it is for the internet or home phone.

For your home phone number, you can log in to My Account to check this, but we can also have someone contact you to provide this information.


Here's an article about how you can access your account information online:

We can see that you have reported a technical issue and it was escalated to our Engineering Team.


The case has been lodged to Telstra and they have booked a technician to check the service anytime between now and 15/Sep/2018. Please be advised that your attendance is not required during the technician visit.


Furthermore, your service has been activated, thus your billing has started. Nonetheless, we will request our Engineering Team to assess a billing adjustment as soon as the issue is resolved.


Should you have further queries, feel free to drop us  a message. Thank you.