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I subscribed to the basic NBN $29.99 plan just for my home alarm. When the alarm went off it rang my phone twice. I was charged $10.33 for 2 calls! What a rip off. Will be searching for another provider

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The cost of the phone calls charged to you is calculated on time, you may want to investigate the length of time your security alarm is active to make that call and/or the length of time available on your voicemail service for a message to be left.

You also should check if the dialler within your security system is compatible with NBN services.

It is usually not recommended to use NBN for alarm monitoring as it becomes inactive with a power failure thus unable to make any calls during this time.



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I get a call notification when the alarm rings so it wasn’t a long call. The cctv provider had assured us it works well with NBN.

I can’t believe it costs so much. 2 calls $10.33
If you were charged this amount you would think this is ridiculous