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Telephone Service not Working

Level 1c
Hi there, I got my modem and telephone set up earlier today by the technician from an FTTB M bundle plan. Internet's working fine now but the telephone service is virtually non-existent: it can't receive and make calls and the telephone indicator light on my modem is off. Please help?
Level 5

There are some cases that the telephone will work within 24hours after the installation.

If your internet started working yesterday your homephone should be working by now.

Just make sure that the your handset is plug in to the telephone port 1 of the modem




Hi @sherinayoga


I can see that your home phone is working. Are you still having trouble using the phone at this point?



Level 1c
Hi there, it's working now. Thanks!

Hi @sherinayoga


That's wonderful news! And thank you for letting us know.