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Unable to call to Indian mobile

Level 2

Hi Iam unable to call Indian mobile phone calls.
I paid extra talk add on which covers international calls including India
But it is not going through.
My id 622XXXX


Hi @Sriramkanteti


Welcome to the Community! 


I was able to locate your account using your Community details and have seen that everything should be working fine now. 


Should it still not work, kindly check the steps below to see if the call format is followed:


International call Issues 

Correct Dialling format is needed to call overseas for landline and mobile numbers from other countries.

  1. Dial 0011
  2. Dial the country code
  3. Dial the area code then phone number (remove the first 0 if the area code starts with 0)


  • To call the UK landline number: 065 8XX XXXX you'd dial: 0011 44 65 8XX XXXX from Australia
  • To call the USA mobile number: 0884 8XX XXXX you'd dial: 0011 1 884 8XX XXXX from Australia 

Note: The country codes for the above examples are 44 for the UK and 1 for the USA


You may check this link for the list of country codes: Country Codes


After checking the international number that you are dialling is correct, and if you’re still having an issues:

  • Are you sure that the destination number is active and has no known issues?
  • Have you tired contacting the number using a different phone (mobile)?

By the way, I have modified your post since it contains your Customer ID for the privacy of your account. 


Let us know how it goes.