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The Number You Have Dialled Is Not Valid

Level 1

Has anyone been receiving this error response from their home phone?



Hi @mahz 


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I checked your account and from what I can tell, this case has been raised to our Engineering Team already for investigation. Once updates are available, a Phone Engineer will reach out to you via SMS or phone call.





Hi @mahz


We can confirm that the issue has been fixed. Your homephone should be working already at this point. Please test and let us know if you still require further technical assistance.


Level 1a

I have the same thing with my number and TPG don't seem interested in fixing it!


Hi @999sdrummo,


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and reviewed the notes.


We understand that you've requested to change your phone number, which was successful, however, it is not registered on the account.


We've raised this with our Tech team and managed to update the phone settings on the account.


The status of the phone number shows registered and should start working.


Let us know how it goes.