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Useless voip oztalk package

Level 2

Hi there. 

inhave spent countless hours on hold and conversations going around in circles between billing and support. This has been going on for 3 months. 

- I have the nbn plan and have been charged for oztalk r times which shows up on my billing
- I can receive calls but not make them

- previously I was on pay as you go but upgraded. 
- when I check online it says I don't have the oztalk package


please resolve this issue,:I don't care if it's a billing or technical issue, I don't need to know the details I just want it to work and be refunded for the pacakages I haven't had access to as well as the credit I've had to add because it's not working



Hi @Bennington1


Welcome to the Community!


We were able to locate your account and learned that this case has been raised to our Escalations team.


We'll chase this with them and have a case manager to update you tomorrow.



Level 2



This is nuts.  30 phones calls, over 20 hours of confirming who I am, what the problem is, and being thrown from customer service to technical support and back again.  All while having to wait 30-40 minutes on hold or for someone to call me back.


Please refer to Alvin's notes and get this outgoing phone call issue resolved within 3 business days and provide a refund for all phone charges as well as compensation for time and energy spent going around in circles without any solution.


I am filing a complaint now to the ombudsman.