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VOIP phone connection not working

Level 3

The VOIP light on my Huawei modem is red and when I call my number I get the message "The number you have dialled is not valid. Please check the number and call again. 0CA0101"


I had issues with the internet connection yesterday as the modem kept rebooting itself, it would come on for a little while and then reboot again. I tried turning it off for a while and leaving it and then turning it back on but it kept rebooting itself still. I then did a hard boot last night (reset using the little hole at the back) and this seemed to fix the internet connection and the internet hasn't gone off since. However, the VOIP phone connection/light has remained off.  Could you please check my phone connection.


Hi @hatho,


Thanks for raising this with us.


We've checked the account and the session of the modem seems stable after you've done a reset on it. Our Tech team tried to ring your home phone and it directed them to your Voicemail.


Are you able to check your Home phone again if the same message will be received or if it's still not working?


Kind regards,


Level 3

Hi BasilDV


Thank you for the response. After turning of and on again, the VoIP light eventually (about 4 hours later) came on and remained on. My modem is a Huawei HG658. Is this modem a problematic modem and should I get a newer one? Thank you.


Hi @hatho,


We are glad to know that the VoIP service is now working fine again. Usually when, after performing hard reset to our supplied modem/router the configuration will not complete set up by itself it will need another soft-reset (Power cycle). We'll keep an eye on your service, in case the issue will occur again, we may need to arrange a call from one of our Technicians for further test and investigation.