VOIP phone for FTTP

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I have recently switched to TPG. My previous provider only supplied a VOIP phone connected to the router, so my house has been wired to allow for that (I have a security system wired to come into the home office where the router is). It seems like however TPG uses the NBN box connection for phone when you are on FTTP and the Archer AC1600 router is not giving me any options to add VOIP, even though there are phone ports on the router and I see other NBN connection types can use VOIP for phone. Is there anyway to set up a phone via VOIP for FTTP?




Hi @jmcross99, for TPG NBN FTTP VoIP service to work, you need to connect the handset to the UNI-V Port of the NBN Connection Box. You may refer to this article below: Where to plug in your telephone handset with NBN?