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NBN Landline not working

Level 2

My nbn landline is not working at all today. Yesterday I tried to call a 13 number and got a very loud shrill beep. I do have a current prepayment balance of $13.70. 

Today I have tried to ring a local number and it is dead. The initial dialing sound at the very beginning is heard and then there is nothing. It shows on the phone that it is calling. I have tried various numbers plus my mobile and all the same - dead.


Please help.


Level 2


yesterday afternoon after trying various 13 numbers and getting the loud shrill beep I did try some 1300 and 1800 numbers and was not able to get through. The phone sounded dead. Later early evening i tried again with all three 13, 1300 and 1800 and was able to get a connection to the 1300 and 1800 numbers but not 13. Today there is nothing at all to any number i have tried.

Thank you. Sue


Hi @sueh, we recommend having a read of these community articles, which may help with your concern:


If the issue persists, please send us a private message with your TPG customer ID, username and complete address so we can pull up the account and further assist you.


To send a PM, please refer to this link: How do I private message (PM) in the community