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Voip not working after modem replacement internet is fine

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I replaced an older router due to dropouts. The new modem is TP-LINK VX220-G2v AX1500 and internet is fine. In the past when a new router I had to provide a serial number to TPG so the NEW router voip would work. I rang TPG and they provided the mac and serial number and they wouldn't get it working. They said they could see the serial number at their end etc but sent it up the chain to tech team or something. 


He said that serial number changes happen AUTOMATTICALLY not manually and I want to make sure this is the case as he couldn't get it working and this wasn't he case a few years ago. He said I should be called back in 24 hours on mobile but we live in a blackspot so it is patchy. 


No Voip light lit up and only ONE phone port on back not two like the old router. I also logged into the router  and it is definitly not configured correctly saying "Telephone Status: Telephone service unavailable. Please check your account settings or register a new number."


Could you check things please as no home phone is a pain and also does the firmware get updated automatically in the past I had to ask for you to do this on the older router. 


xxxxx is my details for you to lookup or PM me. 




Hi @spotts ,


Let me help fix the VoIP of the service using the new modem, could you flick me a message with your details?


How to send a PM? 





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PM sent with details

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hello i have just upgraded with same modem and have same problem with voip phone , any help would be appreciated .thanks


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In the end they had to reload the firmware and settings remotely and all has been fine since. I had to call them to get it fixed. Took a callback as it had to be escalated to technicians from memory. Hope you get it fixed. Also try turning off waiting a minute and turning back on.