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What is happening in the suburb of Craigmore SA where the telephone line goes down every few months

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What is happening with the telephone lines in the suburb of Craigmore Sth Australia.  In particular Red Gum Court?  The phone lines have been down for more than 4 days and this is not good enough. Someone get back to me please.

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TPG/Telstra whoever get the bloody line fixed in Red Gum Court Craigmore Sth Australia or the next option is the Commonwealth Ombudsman.  We don't, as far as I know, live in a Third World Country.  Over 4 days without telephone communication is not acceptable.  Last time it was 9 days without telephone communication.

Level 1a

Get the line fixed NOW.

Level 1a

Don't ignore my post TPG get the line fixed


Hi @HelpmeRhonda


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I'm sorry about the phone service disruption. Let me take a look at your account to understand what's affecting your service so we can have it sorted out. Can you PM us your customer ID or username so we can pull up your records? We already tried your community details, but we're unable to find a match.


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