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re: Landline has outgoing calls but no-one can phone

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TPG I have installed NBN at Mum's with her landline kept. TPG says the line (checked this morning) is OK but not ported yet. Landline can ring out but if you ring the number the message is "Optus advises that the line has been disconnected." (It was a Telstra service). How long does it take to port a service that was disconnected too soon ? (automatically when the service was transferred, says Telstra. I didn't ask for it to be disconnected.)

Level 2

The phone service will now come from the "phone 1" socket on the back of the modem. Not from the phone socket on the wall. If this dosn't work then the phone service might not have been ported yet.


Telstra can not currently port phone numbers to any internet service provider, due to problems caused by the Coronai virus situation.


But if you want a new phone number, TPG may be able to help


You might find this link  useful if you want to do this.

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