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4G USB Backup Solution for TP-Link Archer vr1600v

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Due to an NBN outage I went and bought a new router (Archer M400) and attempted to use it instead of my Archer VR1600v which was supplied through TPG. I experienced frequent dropouts (every 15 minutes or so) which was not good for online gaming. I returned the product and the storeperson advised I could instead use a 4G USB modem plugged into the back of the supplied router to add a 4G backup solution. I have since then tried to work out what compatible dongles would work. I have been looking at the D-Link DWM-222, but cannot find out whether this would suit. Can I please have a bit of guidance and help finding a solution so that I can not experience interruptions in my games. 




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On further investigation I am going to try the Huawei E3372 USB Dongle. Source from...

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Hi @dougvader . The cause of these dropouts needs to be investigated first.

When dropout occurs, are you using wifi device or ethernet device?

Does the Internet light on router go off? What about lights on NBN box?

The modified firmware on VR1600 may not support a backup connection. TPG can confirm or deny that.