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How to set up a bridge on archer vr1600v.

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Just got the Archer vr1600v modem and trying to set up my old gateway as a bridge - managed to set it in bridge mode and connected to the WAN port of the Archer but have no clue how to actually set it up ... halp!


Hi @jimmyb,


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VoIP feature will not work if Archer vr1600v is on bridge mode. (It needs to be the Authenticating Device/ The device that needs to be connected directly to our TPG server)


Once you visited the modem's page.

- go to 'Quick Setup' Tab
- Select 'Other' hit next.

Follow the settings below:

- Once it's done select 'Next' button


- Let us know how it will go.


Cheers! Smiley Happy

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Hi I’m trying to do this on the same modem I recently got archer vr1600v, I cannot see a quick setup and any other area to change to bridge mode, please help. Thanks

Hi @Bruzza81,


Have you tried to follow up instruction above?

If yes, can you post a screen shot of your modem/router page.


I will have it checked. Smiley Happy



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Please see attached screenshots of both basic and advanced tabs, no quick setup and i cant find anywhere to bridge the modem which is essential in my application


Hi @Bruzza81,


Can you try to access the modem/router page using desktop/laptop connected via Ethernet Cable?


Some of the  modem/router's feature might not available because it is accessed via wireless (Smartphones)







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Sorry I forgot o mention, the smartphone was just snapshot so you could see the screen (it was easier for me!), i have tried this on the PC, the screen is identical.


Hi @Bruzza81,

Thanks for the additional info. Try to check the drop down of 'Internet Connection Type' in advanced.


Please see attached file for reference.






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Hi, thank you, i have checked this but i dont see any bridge mode?? Is there maybe a technical name for it?



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I've just got my NBN fixed wireless installed today.


I also need to enable bridge mode (acknowledge VOIP won't work), and I also do not have 'quick setup' available on the Archer VR1600v modem.


I wish to use my existing firewall router to perform the PPPoE authentication.


Could you please advise ?