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5G not connecting and disconnecting and no network if connected to 5g

Level 2

Ayt, so I have an ongoing issue with TPG modem wifi archer vr1600 TPG was great but already got 3 replacement modem last modem (currently using) works but sometimes just disconnect and sometimes even you are connected you just cant get internet at all.

Who else havijhng the same kind of issue?

PS: i have total of 4 modem now and still got the issue since moving to my new place last june.


If I just buy a modem wifi to local electronic shop like JB hifi or Harvey Norman. will it be better? i have found a modem wifi router so $129 TP link archer vr300 ac 1200.


has anyone tried this model and router brand?



Level 15

Hi @gerdiebitz11 . Regarding the VR300, it is not clear from the manual whether it supports the VLAN ID setting for TPG connection (ok for FTTP since VLAN ID not used). It does have IPTV function but maybe not for internet access.