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5g home broadband setup problem

Level 2
I have just signed up to 5g home broadband and I received the Sagemcom modem and when I turn it on I get green light for power and green light for wifi but then I only get 3 yellow bars - no 5g bars at all . I have moved it around to all areas of apartment yet still nothing better . Also I can’t connect to the wifi now as I changed the Sagemcom admin password and then it disconnected my devices but when I try to input the password I set it too it says it’s not correct so I can’t connect any device at all now to go back to the admin page to see what it is ! Very frustrating . I also tried scanning the QR code and it still won’t connect to the wifi .

Hi @brismib07


You may try to factory reset the modem/router, then try to connect to the modem/router again.


Let us know how it goes.