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5ghz wifi loses connection randomly on archer vr1600 v2

Level 2

My 5Ghz wifi connection keep dropping out. I have several devices connected to both the 2Ghz and the 5Ghz wifi connection. Many of them are connected to the 2Ghz and only few are on 5Ghz. However during the day/night I keep losing/discounting to the 5Ghz internet connection or are unable to connect to the 5Ghz. I must restart the router (archer vr1600v) for the 5Ghz to work every single time. can you please help? I have found out that, there’s a new modem software version, which fixes this issues.


1.1.0 0.9.1 v5006.0 Build 190305 Rel.72906n
Archer VR1600v v2 00000000


New(need this update)
1.1.0 0.9.1 v5006.0 Build 200826 Rel.77218n 

Archer VR1600v v2 00000000

Hi there Kevin,

Please send me a private message with your account number, your Username or mobile number for your account do I can take a look at this for you..

Kind regards