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Port Forwarding on tp-link vr1600v not working

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Hi, im trying to use port forwarding to create a vpn to my home network, using a raspberry pi. ive used a YT tutorial ( ) to set it all up, but the only thing that doesnt work is the port forwarding. I cant find the correct settings or what im meant to put where, can anybody help me by telling me what i should enter? Thanks!

Also if anyone has a video that shows me how to do the entire vpn with a tp-link, please tell me.


Hi @paddybee


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We've created an article that may help you with the port forwarding.

Refer to this link: Port Forwarding on the TP Link VR1600V


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Hi @paddybee . The VR1600 used to provide 3 vpn solutions but TPG have removed the vpn function in the latest firmware (build 200810) so it's not worth pursuing.

The Pi needs a fixed ip address in the local network, You set up DDNS so you use a name to locate your public ip address.

The vpn server on the Pi is configured with some port number, say 1800. TPG might be blocking some port numbers so choose an external port number between 30000 and 40000, say 31000. This number is configured in the vpn client.

In port forwarding, add a rule with this external port number (31000), the port number configured in vpn server (1800) and the fixed ip address of the Pi ( The vpn server will need tcp and/or udp protocols allowed.