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Port Forwarding on the TP Link VR1600V

Community Manager

Hi Guys,

Just a simple guide on how to port forward with the new TP Link VR1600V.


  1. Access the modem GUI, open a web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox), type into the address bar and press enter 'admin' for username and password.PPIC1.png


  2.  Select AdvancedPPIC2.png




  1. Select NAT Forwarding from the left menu.PPIC3.png


  1. Select Virtual ServersPPIC4.png



  1. Click add and supply the details needed.PPIC5.png



  1. Press Save once done.

Thanks to Community mod BasilD for creating this guide



Level 2

Hi Manuel,


Can you please provide me some more information. Say I am trying to open port 3074 (to play call of duty) what would I select/input in the below boxes?


Service type: 

External port: 

Internal I.P:

Internal port:





Hi @jorgito,


Welcome to TPG Community!


To answer your query;


Service type: Call of Duty / Online game


External port: 3074 (Or any port that you would like to open)


Internal IP: (The IP address of your computer/Game consoles) [Reminder: The said device needs to be set on Static IP address/Manual IP]


Internal port: 3074 (Same as External)



Kind regards,


Level 2

Hi Basil,


thanks for the welcome.


So I am on the NBN home plan, which means I do not have a static i.p, will that be an issue or can I just update the i.p everytime (yes a hassle).

Also to find the i.p its ipconfig in command promp and I look for the value that ipv4 address?


Level 4

Hi @jorgito 


What Basil meant is your computer must have a static IP address in the LAN side.


what you need to look for in ipconfig is the MAC address of your computer

then go to Network>Lan settings>Address reservation



Hi @jorgito

To avoid confusion, you need to set your own designated Local IP address to your Computer/Game Console and it should be the same with the Internal IP Address that you will set on the modem/router's page (Please see screen shot above under Virtual Servers)

Example: (2-250)

(The Local IP address of your computer/Game consoles)


Let us know how it will go.

Level 2

Thanks for the assistance, I will give it a try on the weekend though I suspect I may be a bit of out my depth.

Another question, some of my friends are able to play COD on PC by connecting to USA servers via a VPN. (not sure if thats allowed or not, so apologies if not).

If i set up all the port forwarding correctly and use a VPN, will it still keep the ports open?



You're always welcome, @jorgito, . We cannot guarantee if the port forwarding will still work using VPN to connect to a different Region Server of the Game.


Let us know should you require further assistance.

Level 2

hi, i was trying to port forward to my security camera and using both ex and int ports are 34567, but its not working, is there any reason why, we have  HFC  connection type