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NBN FTTP router won’t find internet

Level 2
So I recently moved from a NBN HFC home to a brand new house that has FTTP. My Nighthawk RAX120 was working fine in the old place. Once moving into this place the router supplied by TPG finds the internet no problem, but when I try the Nighthawk it refuses to find the internet. No IP address, default gateway or DNS. I’ve got it set for PPPoE with my account already from last place, DNS is set up to TPG, VLAN is still set to 2, not sure what I am missing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Level 15

Hi @Braydenmutton . FTTP doesn't use VLAN ID, strangely enough, so disable the VLAN tagging function.

Level 2

Lol actually just tried that when I got the email, IT WORKS!!