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AC1600v plus TP-Link AC750 RE200

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I am with Internode from TPG family. It appears, they share everything.

I moved from ADSL2+ to NBN HFC using AC1600v dedicated modem. It is not particularly good, WiFi range in my unit is insufficient, so I bought TP-Link RE200 extender. Regardless of installation method (WPS or web browser), they connect to each other in a network, but no external laptop, mobile, tablet can get Internet access via the extender. WiFi directly from AC1600v is acceptable in a close distance.

What am I doing wrong following instruction? What has to be done/changed in both setups?

I also have TP-Link AC1900 V900 - can I bridge it to AC1600V for  better WiFi? Phone is immaterial, if I get Internet.

Level 15

Hi Visitor.

Problem might be with the ip address of the RE200. When it connects by WPS, see what address is allocated by the Archer. Is it one in the dynamic pool ( to 199)?

When your wifi devices connect to the RE200, what ip address do they get?

Are they able to connect to the RE200 management server?

Can you try this. On Archer, make ip address reservation for the mac address of the RE200; make it On RE200, in Settings > Network, change ip address to Set default gateway and primary DNS to (the Archer).

You could also try the "Obtain an IP address automatically" option and RE200 gets these settings from Archer.


Considering the VR900, if it has better wifi coverage, and supports VLAN ID setting, you might be able to use just it.