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ADSL Modem compatibility

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Hi All

Currently using DLINK 2730 B ADSL Modem with TPG home bundle (Non-NBN). The connection keeps dropping and I think it because it is old and its time to get a new one.


Now, when purchasing a new ADSL Model, what should I be looking at as far as compatibility with the TPG connection. Is there a list of supported modems from TPG. 


Hi @zakispectra,


Any modem which is compatible or can support the ADSL2+ connection will work with our service.


I've checked your address and learned that the NBN HFC technology is planned to be available from Apr-Jun 2019. When you upgrade your service with us, we are going to provide you a new AC dual band modem which can support 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi connection. With this being said, you can purchase a modem which can be used or configured as a repeater/WiFi range extender to boost your WiFi connection when the NBN is installed.


Kind regards,