Level 1c

As In now have to work from home I need to increase my upload speeds .


How do I do this? I have a tplink TD-W9970 modem

Level 9

ADSL speeds are determined by the distance from your exchange.

Line speed can be affected by line faults; TPG can check this.

Can you run the speed test on TPG's support page? Use a computer connected to router by cable.

Run it on wifi device and see the difference, especially if the wifi device is some distance from router.

Check on TPG's coverage map for ADSL2+ to check the capability of your local exchange and get a rough idea of your distance.

Level 1c

Is there anyway to get in touch with TPG.

Level 9

You can leave this post open or make a new one or just randomly try the online chat. The telephone support number is no good.