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ASUS DSL-AC56U Problems

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I've hit a wall as TPG support goes. My ADSL2+ speed peaks (rarely) around 6mbs downstream and 0.5mbs upstream. It usually sits at about 3mbs down and 0.2mbs up. 


I've had techs testing my line who claim to get 13mbs using their modem. I've been on the phone multiple times with senior techs who can offer very limited support as far as my modem settings go.. so I'm hoping there is someone out there with my modem, who is getting normal ADSL2+ speeds.


TPG is convinced that it's my modem, however I don't think it is. The modem that came with the service, a crappy d-link, had simliar performance.

If you're out there, please put your hand up! 



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Hey mate!


Read this:


Not an expert in your type of modem since I've been using the one that was given to me, but it seems the issue is on the chipset being used on ASUS modem/routers as said in the reviews.


Try contacting them if there's an updated firmware to fix the issue.


Updating firmware fixes issues on some of the modems, hope it works on yours as well.


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