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Port Forwarding on the new TP Link VR 1600V

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Anyone in here have any info about port forwarding the new TP links that TPG are sending. My mate just got one on FTTN and i need to help him set it up. Some screen shots might come in handy

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Just re floating this one as i cant really find anything on the net. Just seeing if any new members have an idea about this one.

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I tried to search it too, but I only got the simulator's page. Smiley Sad

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This might be the page you're looking for on TP Link VR 1600V. Unfortunately I haven't tried it yet, since I don't have the modem. Smiley Indifferent


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What's port forwarding and why would it be used?

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Port forwarding allows one to host services on their own connection. For instance, when people want to host a game. They will need to set up port forwarding so that when other people connect to the host's IP address (and a specific port), the router will then redirect the traffic (of the same sort) to a specific IP address within the network.


More information can be found on wikipedia: