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I want to use an ASUS RT-AC5300 router on my HFC NBN using PPPoE instead of the Huawei HG659 supplied. The Huawei chokes with heavy use and I need a router than can handle heavy demands. I cannot get this to work at all. The Huawei has only simple username and password configuration and TPG support tell me all I need to select is PPPoE and the same credentials. I cannot establish a connection doing this. I've also tried static IP using the IP address listed under my ADSL user account on the TPG website and can establish a connection with this but the credentials do not authenticate so I'm stuck.


Is the Arris NBN connection box tightly bound by MAC address to the Huawei?


Surely I must be able to use another router on my NBN connection. I can't believe I'm tied to this terrible entry level piece of hardware.

Can somebody please help?


Hi @renaissanceman,


If you wish to use your own router, then you have an option to use the Huawei HG659 as a modem only and your ASUS router for wireless connection.


Steps on what to do:


  • Turn off or Disable the WLAN/WiFi of the Huawei modem/router by accessing the modem interface (
  • Cable coming from the WAN port of your ASUS router should go to the LAN1 port of the Huawei modem/router
  • Access your ASUS router interface then set the connection type to Dynamic
  • Check the internet using the WiFi of your ASUS RT-AC5300 router

Note: Please make sure that your Huawei modem is authenticated/connected to the internet before doing the steps.


Here's the link of the modem/router which has a VDSL2 mode if you wish to upgrade yours.



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Thanks for your reply BasilDV. The link you sent me shows compatible VDSL devices for FTTN or FTTB, however my connection is HFC. There is an internal NBN connection box (which I understand is like a cable modem) and the HG659 gateway. All I want to do is replace the HG659 with the ASUS and use my PPPoE credentials. I wouldn't have thought I'd have to use the HG659 as a modem.


Hi @renaissanceman,


The ASUS RT-AC5300 router is not compatible with your NBN Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) service and cannot be used to replace the Huawei HG659 modem, but you can use any NBN compatible VDSL modem. However, the Digital Voice or phone service is not going to work. 


Although the NBN Arris Box is a cable modem, it does not function the way a VDSL modem works.


We use a Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) and not a Point-to-Point Over Ethernet (PPOE) settings for this type of service to be connected to the NBN network.


The Point-to-Point Over Ethernet (PPOE) only allows data communication between two networks while the VLAN combines a group of devices from multiple networks (wired and wireless connectivity) into one. Thus, it allows NBN Co. a better administration, security and management of the network/data traffic. NBN Co. has assigned us a specific VLAN ID, which is being used to configure VLAN settings on a VDSL Modem.

Please let us know if you have further queries.



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make sure you set vlan id to 2 and then it will work with out there modem

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If you google around you may see some US version of AC5300 git a updated UI and system which provide a VLAN option under WAN. I don't know how they got this. Bus Australia version never updated. However, u can still set the network to pppoe mode just like a old ADSL modem. And then go to ur IPTV option and set VLAN channel to 2. This will allow the AC5300 directly talk to NBN HFC modem.