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ASUS RT-AX88U NBN Setup help - TPG Telecom (Corporate)

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Hi All

This might not be the right forum if it's only for Çonsumer level issues. In the small business that I work for I we have a corporate account (IP-Line Link) with static IP routing. I purchased a ASUS RT-AX88U after reviewing. We need wireless reach and want to 'future proof'our network. I've plugged it in, opened up a browser - it didn't automatically launch the web GUI like it should have, so I entered the URL to launch it, then looked at the LED for the Ínternet'on the device - RED! Modems/routers are not my strength. Do I need to contact TPG do you think? Is anyone else using this device as a modem router on IP-Line Link service with TPG. I can only see comments and help for what looks to be consumer accounts. I could really use some help. Thanks.


Hi tr1pleG. If you have an existing network and you want to upgrade the router to the Asus, you could go through the settings on the existing router and compare with what is available in Asus.

If you are setting up a new network from scratch, the info you need should be available from TPG. Otherwise, you will need to call TPG.