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Archer AX50 FTTC compatibility and 3rd party router setup

Level 1b

Hey, I plan on upgrading from the Archer VR1600v to the Archer AX50 for the FTTC connection in my unit. I checked this website ( and it says that it is FTTC compatibile, but the website also sates that my older Archer VR400 is compatible, and I was unable to set the router up with the NCD. I ended up giving up and just using the router that TPG supplied me with. I guess my questions are:


Is the AX50 FTTC compatible, and how would I go about setting it up?


What was I doing wrong when trying to use a different router to the one that TPG supplied me with? How does this process differ from just using the pre-supplied router?

How do I identify FTTC compatible routers?