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Archer VR 1600v not giving IP addresses

Level 2
Level 2


My Archer VR1600v will not let devices connect to the internet from wifi at random. Only reboot fixes the issue, however, after reboot, some of the devices that would not access internet now can, and others that could before the reboot, cannot anymore. Restarting the devices, changing the radio (2.4 / 5 G) will not work. The routeur has to be rebooted, and then... only a random number of devices can access the internet while the others get booted out. I have less than 20 devices (the router is supposed to handle more!) and usually no more than 10 will connect - after that, no IP is allocated (I have checked the IP range, it's not the issue!). I have tried all the hints from the forums - changing the chanel number and width so on so forth, the issue is still here. TPG sent me a new device and it did not fix the problem. Everything was OK until a few weeks ago (apart from the weekly reboot when devices started to drop...) when things have started to spiral down. Now even my PC directly conected via LAN to the router gets sometimes booted out! I basically have to reboot the router every time someone needs to access the internet in the household, it can be 10 times a day! Any help will be appreciated, thank you Smiley Happy

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Hi Xof.

Can you look in the System Log. By default, it shows ALL/Debug messages. These include the dhcp activity (Discover, Offer, Request, Acknowledge) for each mac address. Try to follow through what happens with all your devices. 

You could try reducing the Address Lease Time from 1440 to say 60. 

Advanced,Network,LAN Settings,IPv4.

You could also try address reservations for mac addresses. Assign ip addresses outside the dynamic pool range.