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Archer VR1600 VPN feature

Level 2

Why has the VPN feature been removed from the Archer VR1600? 


I was using this feature with no issues and now i find the feature jas been removed!

Not happy that TPG can remove a feature without warning!!!!!


I may have to move to a different provided as this is not accpectable


how can i get the VPN feature back as i dont wish to go thought the process of setting up a 3rd party VPN , when the modem gave me this feature for free!


Hi @miscnbn1 ,


In the best interests of our network and customer security, our vendor and security team have chosen to disable the VPN Server functionality on the TPLink VR1600

If you wish to use VPN server functionality, we recommend you install 3rd party software on your PC/server which will address your needs.


We're sad to know that you're considering canceling the service because of this particular issue, If you wish to proceed, please send me a Private Message with your account details (Username/Customer ID together with the address on file) we'll have one of our Account Specialists contact you.





Level 2

You must know this statment is rubbish using a VPN os the standard way to securely tunnel into a customer local network. So now we are expected to purchase a server to run a vPN services that was running fine on the TP-Link router 

Level 15

Hi miscnbn1. 

I agree with your statement.

If you don't use the VOIP phone service, you could replace the VR1600 with some other router (maybe a non-TPG VR1600) which does provide VPN as long as it also supports vlan tagging - VLANID=2 - except for FTTP. You'd need to research various router models.

If you want to keep the VOIP phone service, you might consider this. I don't know whether it would work. Attach some VPN-capable router to the VR1600 via ethernet. On VR1600, set up port forwarding to direct whatever ports are used for VPN to the second router. On the second router, enable VPN as normal. Probably disable DHCP and NAT. Local storage or a server you want to access remotely could connect here.

Level 2

Yes, we do make use of the VOIP service aswell as the VPN service hence the route supplied was great

and this is why a cant understand why you would remove such a feature from the router especially without any warning or option for those customer that require VPN to retain the feature. so with out have two routers or a route and a server is there another router that will provide me with VOIP and VPN?

Level 15

To use TPG's VOIP service requires to use TPG-supplied router. If you find a router providing VPN, then for a phone service, you need a real VOIP phone or analog telephone adaptor for your standard phone, and a VOIP service with a third party.