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Archer VR1600V - Wifi Channel??

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Hello to All,

As I am new to the forum community, and if this has been already answered could someone please post the link for me to read many kind thanks...

What is the best channel for the wifi on the Archer VR1600V as mine was set up by tech the day i merged to NBN,and has been set on default since, Auto for both channel and channel width. 


Merry Xmas All 

Regards xr64me


Hi @xr64me


Welcome to the Community! 


Here is a great article at TPG Community with some helpful information regarding wireless channels on your modem:


You may also check this article for some tips to improve the wireless connection - Easy Steps to Improve Wi-Fi Connection In Your Home -


Please check it out and let me know if have any further queries.




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Hi Erika,

Many thanks for the reply and the vey helpful information.

Will try these channels as surgested and will come back to you after testing, and again thanks...

Merry Xmas..


Kind Regards


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Hello Erika,

So sorry it has taken so long getting back to you.

Many thanks again for the links they where very helpful indeed. I am now running on channel 6 and it seems to be very stable, once again thank you for kind help and all the best to you and the family 2019.


Kind Regards 



No worries @xr64me!


Great to know that the connection is now stable after the change in your wireless channel. 


If there is anything that we can lend a hand with from here, please bump this thread. Smiley Happy