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Archer VR1600V with a TPG NBN to the IP cordless telephone

Level 2

I have an Archer VR1600V with a TPG NBN cable 50.

I would like to connect to the IP cordless telephone(Panasonic KX-TGP600) with my Archer VR1600V.

However, there are no my telephone information in the tp-link web.

- I cannot use telephony service on the tp-link web.

- TPG should first enter my telephone information, if I use it.


Please let me know how I can do it and how I can connect my IP cordless telephone.




The Panasonic base station connects to an Archer LAN port using ethernet cable. 

You get an account with a VOIP service provider, then configure the Panasonic with required info. You login to the Panasonic using a device on the Archer local network, computer or wifi device.

You have the option of using TPG voip service with a standard phone in the Phone1 port on Archer.