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Archer VR1600v v2 keeps dropping connection

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Device Information

Firmware Version: 1.1.0 0.9.1 v5006.0 Build 200826 Rel.77218n
Hardware Version: Archer VR1600v v2 00000000
There are a handful number of issues:
  1. The modem keeps dropping the Wifi connection. Initially I thought it was the FTTB connection, but when I checked the modem the Internet light was on. e.g. This happened 3 times in the first half of the day. While my work VPN is connected, the Wifi disappears and VPN drops as well.
  2. The Internet connection also drops out from time to time, atleast once everyday.
  3. Could you please confirm is the firware version is the latest.
The device seems to be faulty, else the temporary fix of "Router restart" will not fix issues for a few hours.

Hi @aaraanvi,


I was able to review your account and have detected a stable connection at the moment. Were you able to test your connection using a wired or ethernet cable to a laptop or computer?


Hi @aaraanvi .

3. A recent post (in 2022) indicates that your router has latest firmware.


2. If the Internet light goes off, login to router and save a copy of the System Log. There should be PPP messages indicating a disconnection.

What happens to the DSL light on router at this time?

Does it recover by itself?

Being on FTTB, the router's DSL stats might show something; line speed on phone cable, errors, SNR.


1. Can you work closer to the router or use ethernet cable?  If only wifi, what is signal strength and what wifi connection speed? Are there any other strong wifi networks around?



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Sometimes it recovers by itself but by that time my VPN has already dropped out and I have to reconnect

Also, I have had TPG NBN previously at the same location with the same physical location in the house but a different device. Barely had any drop outs.
There are no other wifi signals near the router or in my unit
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How can I test with another device. What settings do I need to do to test another device

@aaraanvi . Do you have another router apart from this Archer? You can change back to it to see if it performs better than the Archer. What model is it? Configure it with same settings as Archer.


Otherwise, you need to get the internet dropouts fixed first. If the Archer System Log has PPP messages, indicates a line fault that TPG has to fix.


When the wifi is working properly, what signal strength does your device show? And what is the wifi connection speed to the router?

When wifi disappears, does the signal strength drop right down? Or, does the wifi network name not show on your device? Can you double check this with your mobile phone?