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Archer Vr1600v Bandwidth Control issue

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hey support


i have the archer vr1600v modem with Firmware Version:0.1.0 0.9.1 v5006.0 Build 180828 Rel.56416n

i'm on a 100mbps plan and sync about 85mbps.


anyway if i enable bandwidth control and set the upstream and downstream bandwidth to the maximum of my connection (eg 85mbps up and 30mbps down), i have noticed that all my pc's connected seem to be working on a reduced bandwidth.. so for example a pc that i have connected via ethernet cable...can only download at a maxium of 60mbps during the day...and 45mbps at night.

so it seems there is a issue with the firmware....or why is the "bandwidth control" somehow reducing the speed so much, even though it set at the maxium.

so for example if the max is set at 85mbps down...i can only download a max of 60mbps..during the day and 45mbps during the night.


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Do you have any info on bandwidth control for this firmware level?

Do you have screenshots of the settings you have made?
There is nothing in the available Archer manual.

TP-Link have this article.

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what do you mean? i've already provided the info...

so for example


my down limit is set for 85mbps (which is my max line sync) and upload 30mbps (which is my max line sync).

however with the bandwidth control enabled..i can only manage to download a max of around 60mbps off peak and for some reason 45mpbs peak soon as i disable the control the speeds jump back up.


so for some reason the bandwidth control seems to either throttle the speeds around 20% of what the maximum settings are...or its a bug with the firmware.

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Was wondering if you have to specify ip addresses which will have access to the max bandwidth (85/30).

The reduced bandwidth might be a default action for devices not in the list for max b/w.

If every device has access to max b/w, why have the control enabled?





You may have tried this, but a suggestion is to just "untick" the bandwidth control altogether. and try running a speedtest from devices using   (known tests to the same point)


Using WiFi 5G may also help





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if bandwidth control is unticked..yes the maxium speed is acheived..

the whole point of having the bandwidth enabled is so that certain devices can be given priority over others (thats if i set them up in the Controlling Rules section), but even when i dont have them setup, if bandwidth control is enabled than all the devices download at a 20% reduced maxium sync value.

now even if i put in different devices in the Controlling Rules section and give them the maximum download rate, they still end up downloading at the 20% reduced value.

so something is not right with the firmware...or its some how designed to have some kind of a "buffer" of reserve bandwidth...

but it would be good to know that, if thats the case

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Any update to this?

I am seeing exactly the same behaviour.

With Bandwidth Control set I max out approx 30Mbps. Without Bandwidth Control I can get >40Mbps (on a NBN FTTC 50Mbps plan).

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I've just benn connected with the NBN100 bundle and am facing the same issue. Its proving a pain in the @SS considering I have a house of teenagers and need to control bitrates on a device basis. The controls work, but at a total 20% cost to throughput.


This issue needs to be resolved - I was seeing 93Mbps until I enabled this feature at which point throughput dropped by 20%..


Folks this needs to be fixed !!!

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I have the same issue. Router software appears broken...

It doesn't affect wired devices though, so try plugging in if you can!

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It affects everything for me, wireless and physical unfortunately.