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Arris CM8200 Compatibility

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Hi there,

I am having getting poor wifi coverage on the opposite side of the house where the NBN modem is connected. I'm thinking about buying a Google Nest wifi to replace the provided TP-Link AC1600 router. But I have been reading that the google nest isn't compatible with the Arris CM8200 modem I have.


I would like to know what wifi routers I can buy that are compatible with the Arris CM8200.


thank you

Level 15

Hi @Rafaelpeco . All NBN routers are compatible with the Arris. Some, like Google Nest, don't have support for VLAN ID setting required by TPG on bundled NBN/VOIP plan. The BYO router data-only plan doesn't use VLAN ID so any router would suit.

If you use the VOIP phone service, the TPG router (VR1600) must be the main router connected to the Arris.

If you don't use the VOIP service, any router with VLAN ID setting would suit.

This iiNet article has a selection of routers that support VLAN ID=2 setting suitable for TPG.


Regarding wifi coverage, an extender might suffice, either cabled to the VR1600, or one that picks up the VR1600 wifi signal and extends it.

If you replace the VR1600, another router might have enough coverage for whole house.

You could also try a longer CAT6 ethernet cable between the Arris and VR1600. Might give a better position for VR1600. 


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