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Asus RT-AC68U Settings

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Hi, I have just purchased a new Asus RT-AC68U and cannot seem to get it to work. I have seen the posts in relation to the VLAN ID to 2 setting but this still doesnt appear to work. I am currently on a NBN FTTN 50 plan and wondered if anyone has settings to get this to work. 

Thanks Darren


Hi Darren. The RT-AC68U needs an ethernet connection to an NBN box. (The DSL-AC68U connects to the telephone wall socket.) If you have the original Archer wifi router, you use it for the FTTN connection, then connect the Asus to the Archer.

You can disable the Archer wifi and use just the Asus wifi if it has better coverage.

In point 2 below, I don't know if the Asus requires the Archer wifi to be on, or whether a cable connection is needed.


Try this from the Asus manual.


To set up the operating mode:

1. From the navigation panel, go to Advanced Settings >Administration > Operation Mode tab.
2. Select  Access Point mode: In this mode, the router creates a new wireless network on an existing network.
3. Click Apply.
NOTE: The router will reboot when you change the modes.


There's no info on what this does to the router. Try cable from Archer to WAN port on Asus.

You need to access Archer gui to see what ip address is given to Asus to make further changes.

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Thanks David.

Can i ask some more questiuons, what ports do i connect between the Asus and the Archer and how do i access the Archer gui to see what ip address is given to Asus and what changes do i make?



Hi Darren.

Connect the Archer to wall socket and check you can access internet from ethernet and wifi devices. No changes to Archer config.
Change the operation mode of the Asus to Access Point. Connect Asus WAN port to a LAN port on Archer.
Login to Archer admin. Select Advanced, Network, LAN Settings. Look at Client List. You'll have to work out the Asus ip address from the client name or mac address (it will be in the dynamic range to 199). Put this ip address into the browser and login to Asus admin. At this point, you are still connected to Archer.
If you can't find the Asus router in the list, it may not have connected. Only other thing is to move the cable from Asus WAN port to a LAN port.
Connect a device to Asus ethernet or wifi. Check that you can login to Asus admin on its ip address, and Archer admin on, and access internet.